Nutriment uses an innovative approach to feeding dogs and cats, using only the very best raw ingredients. Their food is formulated by highly qualified, in-house nutritionists and supported by vets and industry professionals. Our branding focused on the pets themselves and the scientific nature of the product.  

What the client says

When we started Nutriment we knew we needed to make an impact on the market immediately but were limited with our options in getting our name known.  We approached Davies Leslie-Smith at the beginning to help us come up with a brand identity for our dog food in an industry with incredibly strong brands at the forefront.  The process was hugely enjoyable and it was easy to pick the design that was to be our main look.  Since that time we have grown our start-up from a standing start to a multi-million pound company in just a few years.  We had no marketing budget whatsoever and I firmly believe that it was our look and branding which helped us become quickly known and recognisable.  In addition to this, we are now starting a small amount of export of our products, and have discovered that ours is a name that is known throughout the world within our industry.  Without the right design I know that this would never have happened.  Having worked with Tim since the beginning I feel that he has taken the time to know me and my company extremely well which has helped with the development stages of each new range we produce.  Working with Tim and the team is something that not only do I thoroughly enjoy, but I am always completely confident of getting the very best results at the end.

Suzanne Brock, Managing Director, Nutriment Raw
Darling Spuds